About GoodGood

Good For Charity. Good For You.

About us

We are an online charity fundraising platform doing things a little differently.

At GoodGood, we create amazing, one-of-a-kind experiences that do amazing things – not just for the charities that benefit from your donations but for you too, because we believe that giving should give back, and giving should give everyone the chance to experience the unforgettable.

Whether that’s joining a pride of lions in South Africa, watching the Monaco Grand Prix from the harbour, or sailing the Mediterranean with an Olympic sailor, we exist to change lives in more ways than one.

Our Mission

We believe charity fundraising is a broken ecosystem and it’s our mission to fix it.

When it comes to offering truly amazing experiences in return for charity donations, at present, these experiences are usually won by those who can afford to go on them anyway. We want to change that.

We want to democratise charity fundraising – making it open to all – by providing the opportunity for anyone to win an amazing experience in return for their kind-hearted donation.

Our aim is to raise £5million for charity in the next 5 years, and eventually, we want to send someone into space for £10.


70% of profits go directly to our charity partners so they can continue their amazing work all around the world.


30% of profits go to covering our operational costs and other costs associated with marketing the experiences

How To Win an Experience



Select your dream experience from the once-in-a-lifetime choices



Support an amazing charity with your donation (from just £10) and you'll be entered into the draw



We'll select a lucky winner at random and they'll be whisked off on the trip-of-a-lifetime

Interested in Our Competitions?

Get in touch with GoodGood and find out more about our once in a life time trips and experiences!

How We Work With Charities

We work directly with our charity partners to empower them to continue their vital work around the world. We do this by creating bespoke experiences that provide our partners with a more modern and efficient way of fundraising.

Historically, experiences such as the ones we create would only be available at exclusive charity auctions, attended by a select few, and be won by the person with the most money in their pocket.

We challenge the old auction-style way of fundraising and replace it with a modern, democratised approach, that provides everyone around the world with the chance to experience a truly unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime trip for as much as they can afford to donate.

Not only does this provide our charity partners with a much wider audience base – helping to raise their profiles worldwide – it also increases the potential for total money raised. And with 70% of profits going directly to charity, our hope is that we can raise more money, or at least be more efficient at raising money, than traditional fundraising activities.

Our Supported Charities