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Competition Expired

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In Support of Free The Wild. Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats experience at The London Palladium on 15th October 2021, including pre-event time meeting Bob and the band, stage access in the wings during the performance, seating in theatre (if required), guests of the band at their after party and photos throughout the evening.

What's Included

Competition Expired

Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats experience at The London Palladium on 15th October 2021 – In Support of Free The Wild:

– Includes pre-event time meeting Bob and the band
– Stage access in the wings during the performance
– Guests of the band at their after party (photos throughout the evening)
– Seating in theatre (if required)

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The Boomtown Rats

Bob and the banded rats of Boomtown are back at it and now, with the help of GoodGood, Free The Wild and Sir Geldof himself, you can win tickets to see them live and meet the band!

The Rats underwent a MEGAmorphosis in the build-up to 2020, with huge plans to blow the socks off many a bewildered citizen. But alas, COVID, the meddling pangolin parasite had the world in its grip.

For many, it still does – but for us, for now, for the CITIZENS OF BOOMTOWN – Bob and the boys are ready to rock!

No more “plug in and listen” – it’s time to get off your arses and enjoy some freedom while you still can!

Who knows when all of this mayhem will come to an end? In the meantime, you can always seek refuge within.

And buy a ticket, would you?

The Charity

Free The Wild

Formed to address concerns over the World’s Loneliest Elephant, Kaavan, Free The Wild was established by Cher, Mark Cowne and Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne in 2015. With the help of public donors the charity was able to overcome the legal obstacles keeping Kaavan shackled, provide him with 24/7 protection and eventually seem him transported from his prison in Islamabad Zoo to the beautiful Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary. It took five hard years of dedication, and along the way, the team grew to accommodate the new influx of potential candidates for the organisation to help.

Free The Wild endeavours to stop the suffering of wild animals in captivity and currently, we’re working to secure the release of Bua Noi, a long gorilla female who sits alone on the top floor of a run-down, Bangkok department store.

In working with Good Good, we aim to help raise awareness for animals like Bua Noi, Kaavan, Lucy, Happy, Billy and the thousands more, and remind ourselves and each other that we don’t need them for entertainment – let them be as they were meant to be; Wild and Free!

From Bob

The Boomtown Rats were originally a legend, whispered on the winds of ancient Ireland over countless millennia. From those whispers, a thousand incantations amalgamating in the airwaves above and the puckered lips of Ireland’s youth, that legend entered the hearts and souls of six human beings; Bob Geldof, Pete Briquette, Garry Roberts, Simon Crowe, Johnnie Fingers and Gerry Cott.

These men would embody that legend, allowing it to consume them in all its glory.

Alas, and in homage to the whispering gods of olde, the group took The Boomtown Rats in name and spirit, setting the stage for themselves, the citizens of Boomtown and the pathologically bored.

Their noisemakers filled the ears of hundreds, thousands and then millions. People listened, people sang and people danced.

For decades, they powered through the trashiness of yesteryear until they could take it no more.

Had they wronged the Boomtown Gods?

Utterly broken, four of the chosen ones reunited years later with the weight of the Boomtown burden resting precariously on their shoulders.

One gig after another, the foursome pounded away at the hearts of the naysayers until, once again, the Boomtown Rat and its foundations were firmly re-rooted in the soils of modern times.

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